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The ultimate tanning experience

MegaTan opened the doors to the first-ever exclusive indoor tanning salon in of 2013 in Qatar . You might think at first that there are better places for such business in the world with much less sun or access to the beach. Think again. Qatar is the best place to promote healthy and controlled tanning. In MegaTan tanning centre, we believe that everything should be dosed in moderation, so our mission is to provide a perfect balance to give you fresh, healthy-looking skin and long-lasting tanning effects using the latest, exceptional quality German products. Indoor tanning means controlled tanning and is probably the only way to provide optimum exposure for your skin. Our mission is to help you look tanned and healthy in an easier and responsible way.
Once you come to MegaTan, you will meet a knowledgeable Customer Adviser who has been trained extensively to give you the best information and guide you through your balanced tanning sessions plan. Tanning Specialists will assess your skin, will talk about your goals and then help you achieve them in the shortest possible way with a great focus on your skin safety.


The ultimate tanning experience

Perhaps this is a reason that seven years on from the opening of our first MegaTan we created our tanning oasis in Alsaad and now we are in the heart of the pearl Qatar since 2016 and now we are opening In Ezdan mall Alwakra. We even look forward and open around Qatar and beyond Qatar and borders to introduce one of the leading manufacturers of the most advanced tanning beds in the world to spread our love for safe tanning even faster.

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